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Dr. Raafat Ghobraiel

Weight Loss & Management

Weight Loss Program

Our Weight loss program: is a physician supervised program that uses an FDA approved appetite suppressant, a diet plan, and moderate exercise regimen to help you loose unwanted pounds and keep them off! Only a select group of physicians can offer you this Program—The One That Works! With our physician’s help, you can achieve your desired weight in less time than you thought possible.

Our weight loss program includes Weekly individual consultations with Dr. Ghobraiel that focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise. We support, encourge, and motivate you and we will teach you how to overcome the temptation and win the weight loss battle. A Personalized Diet Plan is created by Dr. Ghobraiel based on Patient’s Body mass index, waist circumference, medical history, blood work, electrocardiogram, and dietary needs.

Dr. Ghobraiel uses any one or a combination of the following methods:
• FDA approved Appetite suppressant drugs
• Treating Hormonal Imbalance
• Nutrient Supplementation
• Dietary Counseling
• Exercise Counseling

Call Dr. Ghobraiel at 732-254-7778 in East Brunswick or 201-471-7750 in Bayonne today to get started with your weight loss program!

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